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About Acceco
The key facts from company history
Developing software system for recording radio broadcast news.
First on Bulgarian Market for biggest Bulgarian newspaper "24hours"
Company was involved in software project for word leader in plastic card equipment
DataCard corporation USA. Successful card management system software is distributed through global supply network.
First windows based software for access control system in Bulgaria.
Hardware production started. Advanced controllers for access control systems.
Access control system is installed in largest Bulgarian metallurgy companies.
Production of RFID card readers is started. First in Bulgaria.
Company introduced PhotoID card management system for access control and visitor identification.
Company introduces access control and video surveillance system for casinos.
PhotoID card management system is adapted for casinos, libraries, document issuing.
Ticketing system for Plovdiv Fair.
Access control system was adapted to requirements of Bulgarian government institutions.
Our company was pioneer in wireless Internet access. Target was building wireless infrastructure.
PhotoID system is adapted for pilot brevets under contract with Civil Aviation Administration.
First in Bulgaria IP based video surveillance system using wireless IP network is installed.
Company develop advanced software for DES /Digital Encryption Standard/ in embedded systems.
Advanced terminal for card transaction is produced under contract with major Bulgarian Bank.
Toll system is developed for largest Bulgarian resort Albena AD.
Software system based on Microsoft SQL Server include multiple work places, remote administration via Internet and remote video surveillance.
Development of GSM based tax collection terminal.
Initial development of lightweight UAVs started .
Development of quad rotor UAV and sailplane UAV.
Satellite tracking system is developed for Internet access.
Development of 3D head tracker sensor for pilots.
Development of advanced 3D orientation sensor including magnetic field sensors, axelerometers and gyroscopes.
Development of autopilot computer integrating 3D INS navigation sensor and GPS.
Advanced UHF and microwave laboratory is established.
Development of UHF two way telemetry and control link and S band video and telemetry downlink.
3D CNC production and prototyping is introduced.
Project for long range, long duration flying wing UAV is started based on computer simulations of fluid dynamics and stability analysis.
CFRP and GRP composite materials technology is used for UAV structures.
New long range flying wing UAV is introduced with payload up to 9kg.
STELT flying wing UAV project is started.
Radar altimeter for UAV is developed.
Surveillance radar for ground and air observation is developed.
Project started for SAR /Synthetic Aperture Radar/ .