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Acceco Agri 130 is an economical and practical spraying drone, especially suitable for grass and forest areas, which is characterized by high temperature resistance, corrosion resistance, stable and reliable operation. The folding design can save more space and make it easy to transport. The Acceco Agri 130 drone has a new flight control system that includes a main controller module, a GPS module, a power supply module and a microwave radar, and more. The flight control system has a complete flight condition alarm function and perfect emergency protection mechanisms that significantly ensure the safe operation of the system, in combination with the new spraying system and the intelligent operational planning system. The effectiveness of the protection of forest areas has also been significantly improved. Acceco Agri 130 drone - a type of sprayer equipped with a flight control system, can perform functions such as autonomous operation, takeoff and landing with one button, ground flight and fixed altitude, microwave radar can measure the distance between the drone and wooded areas, so the Acceco Agri 130 can fly a constant distance to ensure even spraying. Acceco Agri 130 also supports GPS, GLONASS and Beidou for satellite navigation, which significantly improves reliability; The agricultural sprayer - drone is also equipped with an effective power management module, real-time monitoring of battery power, supports voice alarm for low voltage; You can also equip the spray drone with a high-precision liquid level sensor so that it can monitor the dose of the pesticide in real time, at the ground station and maintain a voice alarm when there is no pesticide in the tank. With the ground station software you can monitor the status of the flight in real time and measure the coordinates of the unit, it also supports the functions for voice alarm and flight parameter setting. The Acceco Agri 130 drone is equipped with a 10 L pesticide tank, and the operating efficiency of the Acceco Agri 130 is 6.6 - 10 decares per flight. Acceco Agri 130 is a cost-effective spraying drone in agriculture and can be applied in a variety of environments and terrains, such as fields, crops, forests and orchards.




Weight (without batteries): 10kg, Maximum flight weight:
25kg (at sea level);
Consumption rate: 0.8-2.0L / min;
Efficiency: 6.6 - 10 decares per flight; Over 20 decares per hour;
Operating voltage: 44.4V (12s);
Spray strip width: 3-5m;
Flight time: 15-20 minutes. (normal spraying);
Payload - 10 liters;
Wind resistance - 12 m / s;
Battery sets: 3 pieces;
Availability of remote control: Yes;