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Unmanned Aerial Systems
Agri drone
Firefighting drone
Micro and nano satellites
Micro satellite truster
Satellite camera and high spped data transmition
Dron "Killer" - optical
Anti Dron Radar
Access control systems
Software for UAS
Aerial mapping cameras
3D printer DLP
Composite materials
GNSS global navigation satellite systems

Our company offer a broad range from materials for composite production:

1. Fiberglass mat

2. Fiberglass roving

3. Fiberglas textile

4. Carbon mat

5. Carbon roving

6. Carbon textile

7. Kevlar

8. Core materials

9. Epoxy resins

10. Polyester resins

11. Gelcoat

and many others

Sample order for production of composite construction is in range of:

10000 -30000depending from selections.